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stove_7096The museum currently has two kitchen displays. Our original display is in the room that was originally the dining room.  It connects to the original kitchen through a door on the west wall. Some items of interest include: a tin bathtub, (A 1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog features an identical tub, calling it a “hat style bathtub.”), a cook stove that used wood for fuel, a fireless cooker, which was an early version of a crock pot, a dry sink and many kitchen utensils. There is an early 1900’s telephone. To place a call, the user turned the crank on the right side to generate the electricity to connect with the operator, who made the connection to the party being called. With the restoration of the family kitchen we can showcase a newer vintage of home articles. The new look is in the1940-50s style. Visitors often remark "I remember this. It looks my what our home was like or it looks like my Grandparent's." There is an early television set which our young people find hard to believe it was so small, festive dishes as well as the autumn leaf pattern dishes which women bought from the Jewel T man. The room is bright and inviting.



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