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The sheriff maintained his main office at the court house.  On the week-ends and evenings he used a room within the home.  The room was restored in the winter of 2009. There is a set of keys used in the building, a pocket watch belonging to William Shane the father of Sheriff Albert Shane and samples of wallpaper taken from the walls when the room was restored.  Notes on the wall were discovered showing the dates and names of previous wall paper hangers.  There is a notebook with family histories of the sheriffs who worked within this building. Several pictures are featured of the men who served here.  The museum would like to add to the collection if anyone has pictures to share. We would like to have pictures of each Sheriff for our display. Those we need are; Samuel L. Hawkins, Abraham Douglas, William P. Ayres, Woodson Bryant. William C. Clements, John T. Taylor, Henry Eaton, Archibald A. Figg, James N. Gentry, Charles T. Clark, S.V. Hollingsworth, Albert Shane, Louis Pounds and Wiltsie Stuart.

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